Saving Mama Ducks

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Mama Duck quacks in despair 
Her babies are at risk of dying 
They have fallen into a drain
 A human sees her plight or hears her cry 
Seeks help from the protectors 
The police officers who serve and protect And 8 little duckies are reunited
 And quack quack all the way home 
And the moral of the story
 We each can do our part To save each other 
And respect all creatures Human and those who share lives with us 
Congrats MCPD for showing you care 
From Montgomery County Police Department 
This morning a concerned resident approached the 4D Olney Substation about a mother duck that was acting strangely near the CVS on Olney Sandy Spring Rd. It turns out her babies fell down into a storm drain. MCPD and MCFRS came to the rescue. MCFRS was able to lift the storm drain cover and MCPD Officer H. Chen reached down and saved about 8 babies. #mcpnews

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