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Raylynn goes from Martin Luther King Middle School in Germantown Maryland and begins High School at Seneca High School in September 2022.
Watch the video here
Congratulations to the Parents, Daryean and Nicole and family tribe, sisters Precious Cooper and Deana Wright and Lil brother Amare and all our extended family..Granmas Maxine Prather & Mimi Grace..Aunties Uncle’s cousins and all our supporting cast of loved ones 
Thank you to each of the teachers and to a special tutor Natalie 
Thanks, Raylynn for this Middle School journey, And to all the blessings in all your future experiences 
Thanks to all The one thing we can hope for is the opportunity and that each of the roles that come in the future endeavors will be fruitful. 
While Track is the energy that seems to be present for Raylynn at this time, it could change and morph into some other pursuit. hoping that we are sources of encouragement and support even if and when the journey, should it become one with more life hurdles than hopeful feats, that there is love. 
I wish Raylynn to try to be her best as a human being. Understand the virtues of kindness, compassion, and caring. Not only about winning or accomplishments. The presence to be in these moments is truly a gift 
The gift of the music is presented by the students of MLK and soloist doing a rendition of Once I was 7 years old. 
not intended for commercial usage no copyright infringement

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