Social Media Scams The Anti Aging 3 Min video Wrinkle Cream Makeover on Facebook

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this is with the bags  and the gentle application

OMG  the Bags have disappeared in under 3mins

#SocialMediaScams   While the internet affords everyone who is so inclined a platform to sign up and be present for a thrilling moment of virtual identity, that 20 second momentary glorification, when someone actually takes the time to Like, or Comment, or Share a Post, has also opened the floodgates to the paranoid, the selfserving, the pontificating, the opinionated, and the biggest of all theatre, the art of thievery and deception.

While most of you may never encounter the routine of ill begotten scams on social media, I admittedly have been folly to some of the most egregious.  But then again, you cyah play mas and fraid powder.  (Translation for my non Trini audiences,  if you are as engaged on social media, as I am in my daily work,  then you will be subject to the  scams, flams and ill begotten maladies that come with the territory)
Social media will follow you into your bedroom habits.  Technically Google, Facebook Twitter and every other social media portal have compiled their algorithms,  really as a Trini will say, –  how to maco yuh business- , from the posts you share to what is the last thing you do before bedtime.
Thus, for a neophyte like me, I am virtually,  a social high profile engager.  People I don’t even know, know more about me through my social media activity.  If you really need to find me, most likely a message on Facebook, would be the quickest way to get my attention.
With my engagement I share about social media.  I share  my The Social Media Entrepreneur business updates,  and highlight new client services,  I share updates on things of interest.   I share stories that may be of public interests.   I share about my nationality, my family, my beliefs and my fancies.
Here is the actual theatre of a scam The Anti Aging 3 min video   Wrinkle Cream Makeover on Facebook #InstantlyAgeless

Now for every #60ish, or maybe those like me, who will admittedly share that they still would like to preserve any fragment of youthfulness to their dying day.. oh yes ! Such vain glory!  If a video is so believable to depict a creased up face becoming almost 20 years younger in under 3 mins, then there must be valid truth to it. 

So in my threads, I see these older women wrinkled and using a dab of face cream and all the wrinkles disappear in less than 3 mins of video airplay.
In social media, video is the most convincing merchandizing advertisement for reaching large audience following.

I who share my business endeavors as a social media entrepreneur find this to be a curious offer.  And I who am closing in on my flourishing 60s would love to restrain any folds and swells and curls of maps of wrinkles on this artifact of human display, the face of the aging woman.
For suspecting individuals ONLY, as I know most of my #60ish friends, just happen to be… well just too intelligent and sophisticated…   would you be inclined to investigate if your read a headline like this?  This is an article feature and in it the typical video on facebook is shared.

The Social Media Scam Heist Effect
Facebook streams this sponsored video and it just incidentally populates my feed repeatedly.   This is called the psychology of social media mind games. 
The video is less than 3 mins.  In social media, this is about the typical grab attention span of most of the social media visuals.  If you can’t tell the story in under 3 mins, you will lose your audience
It is very credible.  You are seeing what looks like the actual face of a pretty aged looking female, transform from bloated under eyebags to seemingly no bags.  This is called the Blaine effect!  It is beyond magical
Then you are enticed… Or bamboozled   The reality is, to try this for only $4.95
The Scam FuXXery

I did it. I placed the order $4.95 for this sample.  OK.  I felt compelled to prove the theory.  It was part of my social media research.
The ominous signs were as follows, and I should have just stopped.. But I was in research mode… nothing to do with vanity… Right!!
To place the simple order, there were multiple pages of additional services to add on… which I declined
Then even at the last page of the ordering process, after completing the first payment by card of $4.95 there was an additional incentive to get more service as a subscription.
After a final NO to service add ons, the order was placed
Then the follow up customer service call came.   The  representative  requested  a confirmation of the credit card used so that I  will be eligible for an add on of $6.95.for the extra bonus eternal youth potion.
The plot thickens… so with a firm NO… I defer to give any card number
Within 2 weeks a package is delivered by USPS  and unlike the sample item,   it is a cream in a jar
Using the same techniques shown on the facebook video, with just a spot on the finger, and a dab on the eyebags, the cream sample is applied
3mins, 5 mins, 20 mins,  4 hours , 5 days, 3 weeks .. NOT A DAMN CHANGE IN MY 60ISH face aging contours
But, after my morning online bank review about 30 days after the Anti Aging product purchase an $88.95 deduction is posted from some unknown IN BEAUTY Service
Called  the Customer Service Number provided by the bank, and the hired help is adamantly stating that the order I placed was for a monthly subscription
With every effort to refrain from screaming into the CSR’s ear, but realizing, he is trained to be call support at his daily, hourly wage,  I tell him to please find himself a new job.  That the company he works for is being reported to the Federal Trade Commission for fraudulent marketing.  It would in his and his family’s best interest to look for a new job before the holidays
The Social Media Entrepreneur ReAction
File Fraud Report with Bank
Cancel Bank Card, Just in case, the anti aging company intends to resubmit for my aging subscription at $88 per month
Request refund from bank, which could take up to 2 weeks
Report the company online to Better Business Bureau
Report the company online to Federal Trade Commission


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