The Writer’s Block : The Process of Creative Distraction

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Lest my posts go unnoticed, my writing has taken a leave of absence.

Every week for the last 5 months, I wrote; about something.   I have written about me, family, social media and even have contributed articles that have been successfully published on Yahoo voices.

As I perked in my writing efforts, I also notice, there has been a change in my tempo. I am having a slow spell in my writing creativity. I haven’t submitted any new posts to blogs or articles in weeks.  The writer block affliction is upon me.

As many writers have shared,  writer’s block  is a unique atrophy of the writing muscles, that comes when least desired. The uncomfortable paralysis of the silence of the writer is as dreaded as a repeat dereliction.   As with all maladies, there are prescriptive interventions.  And for interventions to be meaningful and successful, progressive actions must follow.   In the case of writer’s block, the first step to progress is admittance.  The most effective treatment protocol is to be receptive to the insights and learning that come with silence.

For myself, the writer’s block is like a temporary restraint in thoughts.   Has my writing voice gone silent?   I feel a sense of disconnect with my writing character. I question my credibility as a writer.   Am I having a flirt rendezvous with writing?   I wonder if other writers share similar experiences. Can I sustain my writing with passion, or is this a mere fleeting pastime?   These questions gnaw at me as I search for answers.    Truth be told, writer’s block occurs with far more frequency, than the regularity of new scripts and ideas.

Writer’s block is a common affliction that most writers will experience at one time or another’s_block#cite_note-Clark-1

In my effort to write this piece, I seek to gain perspective in transforming thoughts to words.   In scouring my mind for new ideas I hope to return from the writer in absence and reconcile with my writer in residence.   My inner writer is touring through many excuses and is seeking affirmation. Revise, rewrite, repeat are the continuous exercises of thought.  Juggle, balance, and streamline are the repeated messages of thought interceptions.  At times the mind games are filled with copious streams of information.  Until the information is ready, there are the constant interplays of withholding and release, and the waiting.

In the subtlety of no thoughts and words and waiting, there comes a script of insightful illumination.   Writer’s block” is a transitional pause for the writer’s inner voice to birth a flowering identity.    Ideas are constant and fertile. Even while there is the draught of  artful creativity in expression, the words are being germinated and when they have ripened they will bloom forth.

In the article,  The 10 types of Writers’Block and how to overcome them, there are two paragraphs that resonate with my personal writing anxiety of  loss for words:

 1.  ‘You can’t come up with an idea’ ..”where you literally have a blank page and you keep typing and erasing, or just staring at the screen…” and;
10.  “You’re revising your work, and you can’t see your way past all those blocks of text you already wrote…”  The writer suggests much to my reassurance and relief, that the writer’s block is “rather just the natural process of trying to diagnose what ails your novel”  in my case my blog.

In December 2012, I began to write as a means of  venting.   I was immersed in the experiences of constant despair and challenge.    I was seeking emotional solace and sanctuary.  Writing introduced me to an inner place of emotional turmoil that needed expression. The outlet for my thoughts became blogs.

As a writer/blogger I am still searching for my personal voice.  The courtship with my writing pen is my most intimate indulgence.  Writing is where I share my heart, soul and all that matters.  Writing is my ever engaging, most mentally stimulating long term companion.

For me,  writing is as individual and unique as my own dna.   The thoughts that I speak to, and the way that I phrase them are distinctly personal.  My signature style of writing comes from who I am and how my conversation is translated into words.  I want to convey more than a script.  Whether I write on generic topics or on my own personal life situations, my writing contains and resembles the character that defines who I am.

As part of my growth in the field of writing, I anticipate that the routine of creativity will be peppered with the pauses and stops.  While the writer’s block wreaks mental exhaustion, with the repeats of revisions, recreations, redrafts, and the redos, there comes refreshed and renewed results.

Every thought is an idea.  Every idea comes to life as crafted with the artful brush of a writer’s pen.  There is unlimited talent in the art of writing and for every pause, every silence, every writer’s block, a profusion of artists in numerous specialities emerge.  Creative process in writing is not for the instantaneous self applause and opportune adulation.   Sometimes, when there are the pauses, the void of no demonstration, thought has a place to find nurturance.

Luckily, the way I see it, the writer’s block is a period of gestation to refine, enhance and allow the creative juices to come to full fruition.  The writer’s block is pure creative distraction.

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