The St Theresas Class of 72 Reunion 2013 -The Recyled Teens 60s are the …

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Please click on the link below and enjoy the story of wonderful memories and treasured friendships
in celebration of :
The St Theresa’s Class of 72 Reunion The Recyled Teens 60s are the new 40s

Memories in pictures of a Reunion of the Class of 1972
St Theresa’s Girls Intermediate
Trinidad and Tobago
with special honorary guest

Our most endeared teacher formerly Sr. Jovita… now ever so fondly “Jo”

Most of the time a song comes to mind and these words capture what I truly treasure and hope you would too, in documenting our times together in words and pictures

And when one of us is gone, and one of us is left to carry on 
Just remembering will have to do
The memories alone will get us through
Think of all the days of me and you 
You and me against the world… from the song You and me against the world

Please enjoy my video memory of all the moments captured at our 2013 Reunion

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