The 21st century conquistadors are virtual..

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

The 21st century conquistadors are virtual

 Fact is:  there is no mystery that is not encrypted in some motherboard waiting to be engineered, developed and mobilized for the armies of the world people. Ownership, capture, domain are the fixtures of engagement, where the militia of minds have infiltrated cyberspace and the art of conquering nations is an indestructible power called imagination.
History is made up of all the facts of the universe, world, continents, countries, colonies, islands, and the manifestations of  their discoveries.  Any internet search tool will readily provide libraries, data, and research, and innumerable bodies of work to describe the proliferation of armies, militia, occupations, colonizations, and habitations of what is present day earth.  Therefore, I do not need to massage my theories with opinions and implied intelligence. Fact check in the virtual world is as immediate as the air we breathe. This blog is not for studied reflection, but it is a means of conversation, that renders me with a platform to tout my thoughts and hopefully invite communicative exchange with as few or as many, without seeking governance.

To have become a nation, an England the sovereign entity would have had to go to war with other sovereign entities, be they Spain, France, the Dutch.  Bloody wars would be fought; killings of many lives would be the sacrifice of victory.   Pillaging of lands, raping of indigenous people, slavery, slaughtering of human kind to claim the history to be called the first world powers was the then status quo.

For America the massacre of the Indians is their birthright.  For Africa, the birthing of slavery was their weapon of trade. The slaughter of the Israelites some 2000 years ago, has been perpetuated into 21st century political Mid East warmongering.  Punctuated throughout the history of humankind, man’s existence has been steeped in the valor of bloodshed.

We all have been birthed in this legacy of conscious disconnect crafted under the ruins of many civilizations.  The social injustices, hatred, prejudice, and the chasm of separate beingness are our inherited biologies. 
But perhaps, just perhaps, there is an emergence in the realm of intelligentsia that the latent conquistador militia like mentalities have been invaded with electronic codifying elements.

The new militia gaining armies of patron followers are signed on to this motherboard, where the trajectory of influence to world order is growing at warp speed.  

In an instant the confession of Lance Armstrong can drive ratings on Oprah’s OWN network to world audiences and rake in millions of dollars in advertising appeal. President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama is the personification of the contradiction of America, its history, and the rebirth of its present.   The Peoples National Movement political party in the Island of Trinidad and Tobago can profess a renewed strength in regaining national prominence after voters in Tobago, voted against the ruling party.  My friend/family Prizgar Gonzales can merchandise his new book The Beginner’s Guide  Doing Business in China  to a virtual audience of thousands.  Prince Harry and his royal jewels can still commandeer his army battalion in war torn outskirts of Afghanistan.   And Grace Walker could channel ideas, thoughts, beliefs, woes and aspirations to a virtual world at large.

Start your search engine, and map your way into conquering new societies and begin healing the perils of humanity lost.  The new world militia is the growing exploration, discovery and the immense knowledge available in the virtual now.

Journey with me in combat and militant deployment to infiltrate the spectre of human dominion through connectivity as global virtual citizens.

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