On This Night ?An original poem by GraceCaroline Walker

On this night

More than a day, a year, this is the Now, We are Infinity

Our lives were paused, Silence Boomed like thunder
Tragedy visited and no one was spared

Not She, not He Not even Who

On this night, we gather, with our masks, our shields
Face curtains of insecurity, fear, despair
and Death.. the great Equalizer un masked

Was it that Force, A Presence, An Energy, beyond Words,
that poisoned Invisible
that COVID spared no one Continent, Countries, Mankind white black brown yellow
WE Our Humanity were Sacrifice
Death lived in the air, graveyard to millions

On this night,
the most precious Present is the gift of breath
So Breathe

Breathe because the Ancestors are in our hair, in our eyes, in our skin, in the invisible Silence
We are no more We are No less
We Are

On this night
Hear, See, and Breathe,
the Dance, the Song, the Music
Reveal, beyond the Mask
That We Are, One in Spirit, One in Hope and One Forever Becoming

We are Alive in this Presence.. We are Here
On this Night

Our Mothers ..the Sun, the Earth the Moon the Stars

On this Night

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