Normalizing death and dying with hospice NurseJulie

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One of the greatest gifts we received in the dying process of my mother in 2001 was the at-home hospice care that made her transition so healing and comforting.   I remember the tenderness that the nursing care provided to the end. The last nurse told me, she is near the end.  She stated that her breathing has slowed.  She gave me a reassuring soothing hug as she left. 
My mother died peacefully in her sleep within 72 hours. I remembered watching and thinking that I could never imagine how one can have a lasting career in Hospice care.  
 As I came across this tiktok with Nurse Julie it reflects the grace and the professional spirit of what final days caregivers provide.  
To take Hospice care and give it a voice through a platform such as tiktok and to make the dying process for loved ones so enlightening and so reassuring is a testament to our need for community, connections and healing.  
@hospicenursejulie and to the many frontline health caregivers we owe you a debt of gratitude that can never be repaid A million thank yous Here is an article Created by InShot:

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